There are 31 free applications in the Games category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

ZQuake is a Palm OS port of the famous Quake 3D game. The port is based on the original work of

PacDude 100%
PacDude 100% for Palm OS is a free remake of classic arcade game Pac-Man. It features colorfully animated high resolution graphics.

Moving Blocks Puzzles
Moving Blocks Puzzles is a set of two puzzles and two block games.

Maze is a 3D puzzle game for Palm OS handhelds.

Jumps is an arcade game where a penguin jumps from a rock and tries to fly as far as possible.

Sahalin is a step by step economical strategic game.

Chaser is an arcade game with 25 levels for Palm OS PDAs.

Gomoku (Renju) is an abstract strategy board game for Palm OS.

Chaser Dig
80 levels of funny adventure where you have to use both brain and reaction to win.

Eric the Bomber
Old Eric the Bomber (Bomberman) strategic game.

IMR-Life is an implementation of Conway's Game Of Life.

IMR-Snake is an implementation of the Snake (Nibbles) video game for the Palm OS.

BoxMan is a Sokoban-type puzzle game for Palm OS.

Sokoban is a popular logic game invented by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1982.

Pilot Mines
Pilot Mines is a game for Palm OS, modeled after the X11 minesweeper clone.

Sudoku is a free palm app to play Sudoku games on the go, with a logical solver and other features.

PocketChess game for Palm OS allows you to play chess against a simple opponent, anywhere you and your Palm device are.

Go81 is a program which plays the game of Go (also known as Weichi or Baduk) on small boards (9x9 and 13x13).

Go169 is a program which plays the game of Go (also known as Weichi or Baduk).

Maxim Jaguar Journey
Maxim Jaguar Journey is a Palm OS road-rally game, where players can get behind the wheel of a Jaguar X-TYPE.

Nike Shade Running
Run down the street, avoiding objects and staying out of the sun.

Nike Street Rock
Just pick up a rock, kick it around, and score points for knocking stuff over.

TS-Apprentice is an assistant to help speed play in the 3rd Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

TS-ShadowDice is a Die Roller for the Shadow Run role playing game.

BlueBlocks is a multiplayer Bluetooth blocks game for Palm OS.

Argon V
Argon V is an action shooter with vertical multilayer scrolling. The objective is to shoot everything that moves.

Xibble is a crossword game for Palm OS devices for two, three or four players.

SFCave is a simple game, where the gamer controls a flying ribbon and avoids walls of a cave.

DopeWars is a game where the objective is to get rich through buying and selling drugs.

Board Games
Board Games for Palm OS is a set of two board games: Tic Tac Toe and Mosaic.

CheeseFind is a small Palm OS version of the find the mouse type game.


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