DopeWars is a game where the objective is to get rich through buying and selling drugs.


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Developer: Michael Hallett

Category: Games

Latest version: 2.4.6

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 11 Aug 2010

Updated: 11 Aug 2010


DopeWars is a game where the objective is to get rich through buying and selling drugs. There are 8 types of drugs and 6 locations; at each location, 5 to 7 drugs will be commodities.

At the beginning of the game, you have a small amount of cash, an empty savings account, and a sizeable debt to a loan shark. In addition to money troubles, Officer Hardass patrols the streets, hell-bent on taking you down.

DopeWars is a Palm OS clone of an old DOS game of the same name. The original DOS version was written by John Dell.

DopeWars is not intended for audiences under the age of 18 due to its drug-related content.

The help dialogs in the game explain how to play the game. Either click on the info icon in the upper right hand corner of a dialog box or access the help topics from the Help menu in the buying/selling screen.

Cheat Codes

To activate cheat codes, use the Cheat menu. Note if any of these cheats are activated, you will not be able to save a high score for that game


DopeWars 2.4.6 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of DopeWars 2.4.6:

In the version 2.4.6 a new feature was added, which forced the DopeWarsDB file to be backed up to the PC during a HotSync operation.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of DopeWars.

DopeWars 2.4.4

Description/changelog of DopeWars 2.4.4:

In the version 2.4.4 a "000" (triple zero) button was added to the Loan Shark and Bank screens to make entering of large dollar amounts easier.

The version 2.4.4 was compiled and released on 2/9/2005.



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