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Mobiola xPlayer is a multimedia player for all major audio and video formats with optional (paid) Live Radio support.


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Developer: SHAPE Services

Category: Multimedia

Latest version: 1.3.3

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 5 Dec 2010

Updated: 7 Dec 2010


Mobiola xPlayer is a multimedia player for all major audio and video formats with optional (paid) Live Radio support. With this multimedia player you can see the full screen video on the go, listen to live music and stay informed about the latest events from live news.

Here are some key features of the xPlayer:

· Nearly all audio and video formats supported: mp3, m4a, avi, mp4, 3gp, wma, amr, mid, wav.
· Video full screen playback. Watch full screen video your BlackBerry screen.
· Playlist management: Create, Edit and Save your own playlists. Add a single file or a whole folder to a playlist.
· Advanced playlist sorting options: by title, by author or by path.
· Playlist Shuffle. xPlayer can play your songs in random order if you do not want to know what file is coming next.
· Forward/Rewind feature.
· Use different themes to change the look of xPlayer.
· Background mode.
· Long battery life.

· xPlayer requires a license for Live Radio. All other functionality is free.


Mobiola xPlayer 1.3.3 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Mobiola xPlayer 1.3.3:

Requirements: Blackberry os 4.3 or higher.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Mobiola xPlayer.

Mobiola xPlayer 1.2.0

Description/changelog of Mobiola xPlayer 1.2.0:

Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later.

This version of the xPlayer comes with an optional Live Radio support, which can be tried for 7 days as trial and then decide whether you want to pay money and purchase the license or live withour the radio feature. The software itself will continue to function as a freeware, without the radio feature.



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